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I’m Not Me Anymore

Losing this physical body

Losing this physical body (Photo credit: silentinfinite)

I’m not me anymore.  Who are these people I am with.  Where did yesterday go?  Most of us at some point accept that our physical bodies have changed even when we still wonder where that 30 year old went.  You have his or her thoughts and ideas, but you don’t look like him or her.  On top of that, some of our friends and family have changed in appearance too.  For some, plastic surgery and strict diet and exercise are the answer.

I remember that girl who married my husband (oh, what a dashing fellow he was then).  There are things that I did then that I wouldn’t do now.  There are things that I do now that I wouldn’t have done then.  I’m a different person.  Is this grounds for divorce like alienation of affection?  I continued to grow almost in spite of myself.  I had responsibilities both at home and in my work, but I found time to do what I like to do most, read.  As I read, I discovered some challenging ideas that changed my outlook on life.  Life is not like cooking a pork roast where it is done cooking at a certain temperature and taken out of the oven.

There are two (perhaps not only two) approaches that one can take to life.  You can hang on to the known and reject the unknown; you restrict your options more and more as you decide that you no longer can do or try certain things.  Depressing isn’t it?  Maybe not, if you can comfortably accept the consequences.  Other people become limitless and see a world of opportunity.  While they are hopefully happy with what  they have,  it doesn’t stop them from looking at or trying something different.  Often things happen to them that seem bad; but then something good comes out of it.  They are often optimistic instead of pessimistic.

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