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Imagination is a Wonderful Tool


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Imagination is a wonderful tool.  It enables you to use your senses creatively.  Children appear to develop imagination naturally.  Observing toddlers (the ones I observe are between one and two years of age),  I  see incidents where they use their imaginations in play.  One I see most frequently is talking on a phone, toy or real.  They imitate what they see and hear almost instinctively.  Imaginary play could be called a learning tool of childhood.

When creating something, use your imagination.  Take the limits off of what you create.  Generate a lot of ideas, let them sit and come back later to evaluate and tweak them.  Avoid criticism at first.  You are just seeing how many ideas you can generate even if some of them seem impractical or down right stupid.  As a child, I used to create winning poppy posters for a veteran’s association by drawing as many possible posters as I could think of without inhibiting myself by thinking about whether they were good or bad.  Eventually one of them would stand out and I would make that one.   I also paid attention to what I could  do to the poster to attract other people’s attention.    Of course this mainly involved the sense of sight.  For example, my posters were often 3D.

Day dream and use as many of your senses as possible.  This will ultimately lead to the solution of a problem that not only meets your current needs, but also meets unforeseen future needs. Often we don’t think about something we want because we are afraid we might not get and it will break our heart. Actually it is more likely to make it happen. You generate ideas this way and ultimately one may lead to something that works.

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