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English: Woman in red tea-shirt and blue jeans...

English: Woman in red tea-shirt and blue jeans in Poland. Polski: W parku im. Stanisława Staszica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The style of dress has become a lot more relaxed.  For example, how common is business causal?  Somehow a winter coat worn with short shorts on a February day in a Midwest doctor’s office by a man who is more than a little overweight is not very appealing.  Once upon a time a doctor’s visit meant a man would wear dress pants and a sports shirt and a woman would wear a dress or a skirt and blouse.  Going to church usually involved dressing up in a suit and tie for a man and a woman would wear a dress or a suit with heels, nylons, gloves, and a hat.  Now it means blue jeans and maybe even a tee shirt.

Now when appearing on TV, you still usually see suits and ties on men and dresses and 3 or 4 inch high heels on women.  Men are still fairly covered up, but women often wear sleeveless short dresses that ride up far above the knee with plunging necklines.  It looks like the woman wearing these would be fighting a constant battle with her clothes to keep from revealing parts of the body which most people used to keep covered by underwear.   Also the women are gorgeous; men, not so much.

Have you paid any attention to what people wear to court?  Lawyers and judges still dress appropriately and their dress shows their respect for the law; but other people coming to court appear to not be so concerned with how they look.  It seems that respect can be shown by our appearance whether it is at a formal function, a business meeting, or a job interview.  First impressions do count.

Gentleman wearing bowler hat and three-piece suit

Gentleman wearing bowler hat and three-piece suit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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