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Is Getting Something Better Than Giving Something?

Is getting  something better than giving something.  When you receive something, do you appreciate it?  When you give something, do you want to be recognized for doing it?  Getting something often leads to wanting something else and so forth and so forth.  Where does it stop?

Materialism is just the state of chronically wanting something new and never being satisfied.  People who are materialistic often do not recognize this about themselves.  They are too busy patting themselves on the back with each new acquisition and looking ahead to what they have to have next.  Materialism builds the economy.  I don’t know what else it does.

If we not so busy acquiring new things and finding a place to put them we might stop, rest, and catch our breath.  This could be quite peaceful.  Often people are so busy acquiring things, they are too busy to enjoy them and sometimes, the purchase is wasted because it is never used or even thrown out and rejected.

Often our materialism even bleeds over and effects our children.  We become competitive with other parents and have to have the biggest, and most unusual birthday party for them.  Sometimes, the children are even too young to appreciate them.  One attraction is often enough and since the attention spans of children can be short; they may tire of the party and need a nap or need real food besides candy, cake, and pop.

Materialism often leads to buying things and doing things that are impractical and require more upkeep than they are worth.  Gas logs can be better than wood fires in a fireplace and of what use are several different homes requiring upkeep that are used infrequently.  It has always seemed to me that skillfully planned and meticulously cared for gardens are wasted unless there are people around to enjoy them.

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