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Is It Counterintuitive To “Act” Happy To Be Happy

Is it counterintuitive to “act” happy to be happy.  Have you ever noticed how contagious children’s happiness is?  Have you ever observed toddlers at play trying something new or watching something going on such as a kitten at play?  Their happiness is very contagious unless you are feeling very grumpy?  Think of Scourge and Bob Cratchet in a Christmas Carol.happiness-is-contagious-wx-70842

Sometimes when it goes against the grain, it takes a long time to adopt a new belief or practice.  “Don’t worry, be happy” is a line from a song.  How hard is that to do?  Very hard and be genuine at the same time.  Most of us have been encouraged to be polite and courteous even when we don’t think that way.  How many genuine complements have you given or have you just not known what else to say when asked if you liked something.  It is not considered polite to do the opposite.

The president who was quoted as saying that if he was covetous of a woman other than his wife in his heart, it was the same as actually doing something.  First comes the thought, then the saying, and finally the action.  This can be troublesome if it is something we really shouldn’t do; but it is the same way to manifest something that we know we ought to do.  For example, like be happy and love others as well as ourselves.

When you are accustomed to being depressed, this  is very hard to do.  How can you do anything but “pretend” to be happy and everyone knows that a “fake” smile doesn’t work.





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