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Life Before Birth

rp_182075622_e2c5a99240_m.jpgJust as we question if there is life after death, we should question if there is life before birth.  It is only recently that we have been able to follow the development of life at or after conception until birth.  We did not have the tools to do this when my children were born that we do now with my young grandchildren to investigate the formation of life before birth.  They only investigations that we conducted in the past were on dead fetuses.

We used to think that life began when the newborn took his or her first breath.  Yet, the fetus had been getting life giving oxygen through the umbilical cord for months.  Soon after conception all body parts, appendages, and organs including the brain have formed and only need to mature.  This happens at six to eight weeks often before the mother has confirmed that she is pregnant.  Some people do not attribute humanness to the baby until he or she can experience pain at the half way mark, twenty weeks.  What do you think?rp_300px-New_Life_Ranch_Sign.jpg

It was much easier to sacrifice the life of an unborn child when we did not know this.  Also little or no information was disceminated in the past about how this was done and what was the result of any of the procedures used at various stage of fetal development to do this.

Not until recently has modern medicine opened the closed doors of surgery and let the recipients of the various surgical procedures know what was to be done.  An example of this is when a woman has a hysterectomy , not only does she not always know what is to be done nor does she know what the effect of this procedure might be on her womanhood.  How often in the past have women gone home from giving birth or having had female surgery without knowing what to expect and thus not knowing if what is happening to her body afterwards is normal or not.

Still births, miscarriages, and death of the fetus which a woman must carry until she aborts the dead fetus are often suffered by women with little counseling or support.  Many of her questions about the lost baby are often not answered.  Maybe this is because the powers that be do not count the fetus as the woman’s lost child.  Thus she is often not allowed to grieve the loss as if “it” were a live child.rp_300px-Mary_Cassatt_Young_Mother_Sewing.jpg

Some health professionals often go so far as to be callous and unkind and even  chastise the woman for being upset about the loss of a “child” and having any feelings about it.  Maybe we should err on the side of perceiving any type of “abortion” (voluntary or involuntary) as the loss of a child.

Perhaps this post will make you think I am against a woman’s right to her body and whether she has to carry an unborn child to term.  No, I am not; but I am against a woman making such a decision without all the information she needs to make such a decision especially when the information is knowingly withheld from her.  I found out from two doctors (not in practice with each other) that in order to have amnosentesis to detect if a fetus had Down syndrome that I would have to sign a permission slip allowing them to perform a late term abortion if they found that he or she had Down syndrome.rp_300px-Drill.jpg


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