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Listen To What You Say To Yourself (Post currently in process)

Listen to what you say to yourself.  Do you make it come true?

Unless you meditate, you might not really pay attention to the thoughts that run through your head and realize what an effect that they have on your life.

Do you ever think, “No matter what I think, nothing good ever really happens for me.”  The unconscious mind is listening; and if you believe in the unconscious mind, have you considered how the things you say to you self program it?

We have an unconscious mind, a subconscious, and a conscious mind.  We constantly program our unconscious mind (which is extremely powerful because we are usually not aware of how it works) with what we consciously say and think.

In hypnosis, therapists, like myself, create conscious behavior by programing the unconscious.  A hypnosis “victim” is surprised when they scratch their head when they hear the word, “mother.”  Then they remember what happened while they were hypnotized that caused them to do this.  It is called “unconscious” conditioning.

You don’t need a hypnotist to do this.  You can and do do this to yourself.  Have you ever commented to yourself that someone made a thoughtless remark and how rude and unthinking that was?  Yet, you do this to to yourself not just others.


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