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Love Will Keep It Together

rp_8619481133_df8a85fccf_m.jpgI  felt compelled to publish this although this was still in the draft stage.  I am completing the  proofing now.

Love will keep it together.  It often doesn’t make sense to people; but it works.  We have all probably heard, “Turn the other cheek.”  How it works is sometimes hard to understand.  Does it work because it keeps you in a better mood;  and therefore, others  treat you better too?

There is something I will call ambiguous hostility for the purpose of this discussion.  It is the tendency to take something that was not meant in a bad way and turn it into a hostile gesture.  It is the proverbial chip on the shoulder.  If it is possible to take something in the wrong way, the person with this hostility problem will do it.

People have more control over their emotions than they often think they do.   “I can’t help it,” they say, “He or she made me mad.”  First does that person’s opinion really count?  Second did that person do this to manipulate you in any way?  Do you want to be manipulated and turn over control of yourself to him or her?

Practice relaxation and/or meditation.  Don’t just think peace or love, be peace or love.   Research has demonstrated that this works.  Crime went down in a community when a large group of people not only prayed for peace, but they visualized it and became peaceful as well.  What next?

At the doctor’s office the other day, I was early and I was the only person in the waiting room.  The office staff commented on how peaceful it was.  It was and it felt good.  On the other hand, I was there when a child was screaming and acting up.  His parents wouldn’t or couldn’t control him.  I almost walked out and I am usually very tolerant and accepting of children’s behavior.  The atmosphere in the waiting room was entirely is a mirror

You can make bad things worse.  Often I have often been caught in a check out line where the customer who is in the middle of being checked out has a problem and the people in line like me have to wait until management fixes it.  Especially if I have no reason to hurry things up ( like another appointment, somebody waiting on me to show up) shouldn’t I be patient and maybe lighten things up with a little humor?

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me; let me walk with my brother in perfect harmony.  Let it start here.  So often we wait for it to start there like in the middle east.




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