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Misplaced Anger

English: A metaphorical visualization of the w...

English: A metaphorical visualization of the word Anger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We think we can’t be angry and take it out on the real cause of our anger so we displace it onto something else.  Often we do this without thinking.  Have you ever kicked a waste can, a dog, or even a car when something goes wrong.  How often has a spouse taken the brunt of the abuse when the real target is not available.  Misplaced anger can be dangerous.  What about all the mass murders of innocent children and adults?

How often are we taught what to do with our anger or other feelings when we can’t express them directly?  Emotions are powerful and are often the motivation behind our behavior.  How often have we been told it is not appropriate to express our feelings?  Men shouldn’t cry and people shouldn’t express grief because it makes other people uncomfortable.  We can be fired without reason from a job and we are expected to meekly accept this and not cause a fuss.  All these unexpressed emotions can build up and cause unfortunate results.  They create stress and stress does terrible things to our body.

Expressing anger indirectly can cause a chain reaction especially if there is a pecking order which determines who can get mad at who.  People in power use it to make sure that if they are the blame for something, they don’t get punished for it.  Some people actually get paid for taking complaints from other people about a product or service and these jobs can sometimes only be held by desperate people who can’t find anything else to do.


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