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Mixed Messages

Does someone you know, say one thing, do another, act yet another way?  Have you ever had the experience of having someone say something nice to you and yet it doesn’t make you feel good.  If you were to call them on it they would deny that they were trying to hurt you and immediately take offense that you would think such a thing.  “I was just giving you a complement.”

Ever seen someone hold a baby that they were supposedly drooling over and their body language indicated that they were very uncomfortable holding the child and it may also have looked like their grip was not very secure.  What is the baby experiencing?  The baby may even be crying and squirming.  This person holding the baby may then start to scold the baby and set the baby down.

We have all been asked to comment on a new dress or wall color; but what can you safely say and not give a mixed message.  The more truthful and the more positive the answer, the better off you are.  The person asking the question does not always give the context of the request and in this manner are sending a mixed message that is usually difficult to read..

Mixed Messages (game)

Mixed Messages (game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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