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Modeling Appropriate Behavior

How would you like other people to behave?  Do you rant and rave about the behavior of others?  What kind of an example are you providing?

With the new year, why don’t you think about how you would like other people to change and be sure that you are behaving the way that you would like others  to behave.

If you are reading this blog, than you probably are more self-observant than others and because of this, you are more likely to notice when you do or don’t do what you say you do or tell others to do.

People are sure to notice when you are acting like a hypocrite.  Being very sanctimonious and wondering why other people don’t do as you do does not facilitate mimicry.

Even saints sometimes wonder whether they can follow the path that they have charted for others.

Are our contacts and interactions with others just random or have they been designed for the learning of one or both parties.  Have you ever sloughed off being rude to someone you didn’t know as being inconsequential when you actually had a contact with an angel unawares as is mentioned in the Bible?







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