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Patience for the Next Generation

Funny Grandparents At Play Sign

Funny Grandparents At Play Sign (Photo credits:

Ever lose your patience?  It can easily happen especially when it is someone else’s kids that are causing a disturbance.  Children require a lot of patience.  They are not very quiet nor do they stay very still.  Sometimes the longer it has been since someone has had kids, the less patient they are when they have to put up with someone else’s kids.  Mood changes, screams. crying can all be expected from young children.  The longer it has been since you have had children, sometimes the less tolerant you become.

Children require patience.  When extended families lived together, at least, people knew what to expect from small children.  Now people can live in complexes where children are not allowed except to visit and maybe not even then. For example, these places can be for seniors or singles only.  In this case, absence does not make the heart grow fonder.  What is amazing is that the seniors may have raised children of their own and the singles may have or have had younger brothers and sisters.  It is easy to forget what it was like to live with children.

Raising children is a noisy and frequently disruptive process,  Unless you have a live-in nanny or a daycare setting that will keep your child all hours of the day and night, you sometimes or all the time have to deal with them entirely on your own.  No one is a saint, especially when it comes to raising children, and if they tell you that they had an easy time of it and their children were angels, bring out the lie detector (just kidding).

Patience is the primary ingredient needed to grow a good crop of children for the next generation.  They explore, they learn, and they grow.  Yes, we have to keep them safe and teach them how to get along with others while at the same time letting them do what they need to do to grow up with the most potential. There is always hope as the next grandparents are created with the birth of their children’s children and they discover that their grand children are fascinating and that almost any of their grand children’s behaviors can be accounted for as just their little darlings being upset and that they couldn’t help what they did.



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