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Hurtful (song)

Hurtful (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being kind to others, pays.  A commitment to focusing on the good things that others do and the good things that you can do for others works.  (Be reasonable about what you do for others.  If you are constantly giving and the other person is constantly taking, you might have to consider how you are using your resources and whether or not you can continue to do this and take care of yourself or your family.)  You can not predict how it will work, but it works.  What happens can be surprising.  You might hear people saying more good things about you to you yourself or others and you could benefit from this.

For example, when encouraged to talk about bad things a person has done, counter with some of the good things that he or she has done.  If when talking with someone about why someone did something hurtful; if possible, don’t join in and make it worse.  I am encouraging you to be realistic and to not ignore the sometimes painful truth that people aren’t always nice and you shouldn’t perpetuate serious wrongdoing by excusing it.  Often people complain about others when their life is not going well.  Other people’s friendships can be broken this way and I feel it is not my job to do this.  Everybody can be grouchy sometimes and say things that they might regret later.  Don’t always be the bearer of bad news especially when you don’t have to repeat what you have heard.

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