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Please Don’t Ignore Me

English: Ewe and lambs at Derwen "If we i...

English: Ewe and lambs at Derwen "If we ignore him perhaps he'll go away!" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please don’t ignore me.  Acknowledge that I am here.  You can be lonely in a crowd or happy with your own company.  There are so many people in the world and you are part of it.  You can be forgotten in a moment and lost in a crowd.  You can be one with nature and fly with the clouds.  Be aware that other people exist and they will be aware that you exist.

You can be self-centered and only your world exists.  People get in your way and are only of use to you when you want something from them, often it is only an audience that you want.  You have a mutual admiration society always with you: me, myself, and I.  Taking advantage of the someone else’s point of view can magnify your experience of the world.  You don’t know what you are missing until you tune in to somebody else.

Ignore me and you ignore you at some other place and time.  I am a mirror of you and your reflection as seen in me is startlingly evident if you just pay attention.  Please don’t ignore me.  I won’t ignore you.

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