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Pressure, Good or Bad?

Bad Day on the Block

Bad Day on the Block (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pressure when it is fueled by desire can be positive and lead to out of the ordinary accomplishments.  Desire is associated with something that you have chosen to be, do, or have.  You strongly desire to see something accomplished and may work on a project for long periods of time sometimes even forgetting to eat or sleep.

Useless pressure is the anxiety that results from a need to be approved by someone else.  It gets in the way of a personal  desire to do something we want to do because we are afraid we will be judged, usually unfavorably, by others.  Where does this pressure come from?  One source is in childhood when our parent’s approval came at a price and we were afraid of their disapproval.  This might have taken the form of the withdrawal of love.  This may have been taken a little further and we may have been told to consider what other people (besides our parents) would think as well.  This can lead to our not fulfilling our desires.  Frequently parents have been raised this way themselves and as adults continue to be afraid of attracting the disapproval of others either through their own behavior or that of their spouses or children.

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