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Pride and Competition

In our society, some people have become so competitive that they feel that they have to win every time they think they are in a contest with somebody else.  Also the more contests they can win, the better, even if it means nobody else takes home a prize.  Sometimes this happens at wedding and baby showers.  When is enough, enough?

The challenge is accompanied by both excitement and anxiety and the competitor feels that he or she has to win at any cost even if he or she doesn’t need the prize that is being offered.  Often the person “needs” to win so badly that he or she will cheat or trick someone else in the competition to make him or her fail.  Also he or she may have so many awards and trophies at home that he or she is running out of space in which to put them.

What is a happy medium between healthy competition and run away greed?  Maybe it is when a person has  done his or her personal best irregardless of whether or not he or she won or lost.  It also may be when a person decides to give someone else a chance and exits out of an annual prize winning contest and becomes the past champion and lets someone else take this year’s honor.

Contest Winner

Contest Winner (Photo credit: pixel8 (RCRD))

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