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Pushing the “Wheel Barrow” of Life

wheelbarrowdirtThought for the day….

In church yesterday, I realized that when I push my rollator (wheeled walker with a seat) up a handicapped ramp, it has a tremendous urge to go back down the ramp at a frightening speed if I let go of it and stop pushing.  Some times I feel that way about walking my life’s path.  Then when I go back down that ramp, it has a tendency to take off again and run on down the ramp without me.  Either way I can be left with no support from my rollator or can even be run over by it.

When we follow our life’s path, either way it can get out of control and leave us behind and without support if we don’t maintain control of it.  Either way it can be work and we can’t let go of it sometimes not even for a minute.

Now you may not have a rollator to push like I do; but you may have a wheel barrow “figuratively speaking” that you have to push through the “up” and “down” periods of life as you make your way along your path in life.  If it gets away from you, you may no longer be following your chosen path.

Do you think that this has happened to the people in power who have lost their way and who are no longer in control of their “wheel barrow” or in my case, a rollator.  Did they let it get away from them?  Now they are no longer in control of it and it has just taken off on it’s own.  It will now require much greater effort to reclaim that wheel barrow or get back in control of one’s path in life.

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