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Yes Drama

Yes Drama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Old sayings have their uses.  If someone fails to do something you thought they were going to do for you, you often think the worst of them.  That can hurt both of you.  It can lead to some major drama.  A surprise party planned where one is the guest of honor  initially looks like the event has been forgotten to the person involved.  There often is enough drama in our lives without us adding more to it.  An appliance needs a major repair or replacement; your child gets hurt at school; or you make a major miscalculation when you are paying your bills.  All of these things are frequently cause for drama, both real and imaginary, before the crisis is resolved.  Who needs more drama when you are not sure what is going on.

Thinking the worst about someone or something before you know what really happened is creating additional stress for yourself.  Yes, you should be cautious and wait until all the information is gathered before jumping to conclusions, especially if you might do something drastic if you don’t wait.  Of course, there are somethings that can’t wait when dealing with an emergency.  For example, if you think you or someone you know is having a heart attack, don’t be too quick to dismiss it as something like an anxiety attack.  You better be safe than sorry especially with heart problems.  The time span during which action must be taken in these cases is short.

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