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Quit Dumping On Other People And Letting Them Clean It Up

In Hawaii, there are fines for littering.  People you wouldn’t think of as doing this, dump on others all the time.  Some rich people never pay someone that provides them with services, they just find someone else.  Because they are rich, people take them on as a customer, thinking there will be no problem getting paid.  I call this ripping them off.  Who will bother going to small claims court?

We have had very few dogs and cats on the farm that we got from a breeder.  Farmers probably have more rescue animals than anyone else and they may even get them neutered.  Dumping an animal in a place way out in the country is thinking that someone else will find the animal and take pity on it or it will get killed or die of starvation.

Don’t be a “rich” childless aunt or uncle; because poorer relatives will “borrow” from you and never pay it back.  Thinking that it won’t hurt you or that you will forget how much they owe you.  They think that you have plenty of money anyway.

Finally how about dumping kids on somebody else?  Many people have kids but don’t want the responsibility of raising them.  They sluff them off on somebody else (or the foster care system) and only show up when necessary to assert their property rights.  Kids are not property for those want to claim ownership and the ordinary court system is not the place to determine custody of them.

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