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Remember When You Are Down, Some People Like To Keep You There

Some people can be particularly nasty.  Maybe it’s the devil in them.  When you’re down and can’t bring yourself up, some people particularly relish the idea of making you feel even worse about yourself and not having any reason for living.  Maybe because they are jealous of the person they try to bring down and they think it will make them feel good.  Just as the devil is jealous of all believers,

When I was premenstrual, I often would have one day where I was down and couldn’t bring myself back up.  One time I even had a dream where I was trying to commit suicide by trying to drown myself in a pool.  If I hadn’t of known that I would usually have one day like that before my period, I would have let it get to me.  I would weather the storm knowing that the next day I would not feel so down so I didn’t let it get to me.

Some people are so evil that they would even provide the means for a suicidal person to commit suicide.  A boy’s parent gave him as a Christmas present the gun that his brother had used to commit suicide.  See the book by M. Scott Peck, The People Of The Lie.

Sometimes when parents lose a child that they favored they wish that it would have been another child in the family that died.  This is heinous as usually, that child had nothing to do with the death of the other child.  It could have been an illness, an accident or a suicide that caused the death.

If a person’s self-esteem is particularly low, they can even think that it would be doing the world a favor by killing them self.  These people can be particularly fragile and vulnerable to negative thoughts and feelings.  Bringing someone like that down even further can artificially raise someone else’s self-esteem.

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