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Children should be allowed to bloom and growth naturally while being given the care and nurturance necessary for it to be optimal.  Most children grow physically at different rates at different times making it hard to predict what size they will be at any given time.  Boys can go from “slim” to “husky” in jeans.   Mine did and then he evened out and wore “regular.”  Don’t prematurely attempt to classify children as “precocious”, “talented”,  “gifted”, “retarded”,  a “behavior problem”, “unattractive”, etc.  Give them a chance to develop in all areas with as much encouragement as possible.  Judging them early in life can stunt their growth.  Also just because a child does exceptionally well in one area does not mean he or she will do as well in other areas.  In other areas, they might be “normal.”  A child who is reading and writing as well as an eight or nine year old at six may emotionally and behaviorally may still be acting like a six year old.  Also for example, it is easy to forget that a three year old who is as tall as a six year old is not six.  Maturity in one area does not guarantee maturity in all other areas.

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