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When things go wrong in your life, do you drown your sorrows in drink? cry your heart out? give up? take your disappointments out on others or on your self.  This, when taken to an extreme, can make bad things even worse.

If life punishes you, don’t you think that you have already suffered enough?  Yes but if you have intentionally done something wrong, you have to admit it to yourself and to anyone you have hurt on purpose and make amends.

You can’t control everything.  Sometimes things do not go your way even if you were convinced that they would go your way.  If there is something you can do to make it less likely in the future, do it.  I am also not suggesting that in order not to feel pain and face losses in life that you enter a state of denial and pretend that nothing has happened.  Sometimes there is something you want and think that you deserve that other people, not you, control your access to.

Expected or unexpected bad news can ruin your day but you can decide to not let that happen.  A big loss needs to be grieved and it can be a lengthy process; but for instance don’t make a mountain out of a molehill and let something that you let ruin your day ruin your life.




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