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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

People need their basic needs met before they can focus on what makes them happy in life and when these needs are met, the need for self-actualization becomes active.  Almost everyone has the potential to be or do something in life.  When this potential motivates a person’s behavior, he or she may then feel that he or she has become all he or she can be.

Have you ever wondered is that all there is when you have a job that meets your needs and pays your bills? You have food, clothing, and shelter and the love and respect of others.  You also have self-respect.  Yet you feel something is missing.  For example, one of my friends has been and still is a student of the guitar and also has been determined to give his child a good start in life.  What do you want after the material things in life have been attained?

Every person is as unique as a snowflake.  Most people have special talents and abilities that when developed, they are able to fill a special and unique role in life. Focusing on being the best parent a person can be or on having a fulfilling, meaningful hobby can be the high point of a person’s life.  Getting there can be and (possibly should be) the most fulfilling part of the process.  Such interests can provide you with joy and pleasure in life. You have finally figured out your place in life. Unlike animals, people are aware of their own existence and assume that they have a purpose in life.


Basic needs

Basic needs (Photo credit: Luca Violetto)


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