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Single and loving it

       “Being single is nature’s way of forcing you to love yourself”

Some people are obsessed with being part of a couple; however, some have chosen to savor their singleness. Being single doesn’t have to mean you’re lonely. When you are single, you have more time to do a variety of things, all of which are opportunities to form new friendships, travel and truly enjoy life.

Being in a relationship, or being married is not a requirement it’s a choice. Therefore, being single is an individual choice as well. The quality of life for many singles is affected, as they feel disconnected and lonely. However, Single or not, this is your life, and its your individual duty to make the best of it.  There are pros and cons to being married and being single. Essentially, it is nothing more than a lifestyle choice. I’m sure we all have those friends or family members who make it a point to express their deep concern about why we’re single and haven’t made the decision to settle down yet. WHO CARES!!

Here’s the thing:  Don’t allow yourself to feel like an odd ball.  Be happy with your life and the decisions you’ve made. Some people will make you feel like a case study when you’re single, as if there is something wrong with you because you have chosen to embrace the single life, and love yourself completely, prior to establishing a long term partnership with another person.

In most cases friends and family are operating under the illusion that people who live differently than them must have some sort of problem. You would be surprised how many people feel this way. This is what group us together with people with similar lifestyles or interests, you find couples with couples, people who surf with other people who surf. Moms hanging out with moms Vegetarians are the exception… In the past, there were so few of us we often hid quietly among the meat eaters hoping not to be noticed. But I digress! The moral of the story is… When you are truly happy with being single, you stop feeling like you need to convince others. If you are currently living life as you truly want to, feeling happy and not hurting others. Embrace it; own it, as you are exactly where you need to be.



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