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Stymied Again? Part One

Think outside the box... it's where the best i...

Think outside the box… it’s where the best ideas live. (Photo credit: ArtJonak)

Before the thing, comes the idea.  Before the thing, comes the plans.  Then comes the thing.  Be inventive.  Be creative.  As they say, “Think outside of the box!”

Most of us get stymied at one time or another and have a problem, but no solution.  Do you give up?  I did.  I have since learned to persevere and as a result, I get a lot more done.  For example, housekeeping involves a lot of picking up stuff and putting it away.  When you can’t figure what to do with something, you often stop what you are doing and go on to something else leaving what you were doing unfinished.

Use your imagination.  Pause, take a deep breath, and wait for inspiration.  Think of a new way of doing something and let the old way go.  I realized recently that I had not been doing that.  I’d usually just give up and not get what I was doing done.

It takes practice and practice makes perfect?  It was a very self-defeating habit, giving up when I didn’t know what to do next.  I thought I was stuck and couldn’t get unstuck.  If you believe something, you will make it true.   Believe you will find an answer and you will.

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