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Success is Scarey


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Did you ever feel anxious, nervous, and vaguely uneasy when you should have been excited and happy?  Have you ever felt that if you succeeded, you couldn’t live up to other people’s expectations?  Did you ever say to yourself,”I was just lucky that time.”  Have you been fearful of success?  It can be just as anxiety arousing as failure.

Sometimes we are not very sure of ourselves when we do something new.   We fear that by doing so we leave ourselves open to criticism and very vulnerable.  In our minds, one critical comment can outweigh dozens of complementary ones.  One of the best pieces of advice that I have ever heard is to surround yourself with people who help build you up when beginning a new venture as most of us need this reassurance from others at this critical time in the development of a new enterprise.

Growing up our parents often felt we needed a critical balance between being encouraged to try new things and to develop our talents and being given constructive criticism to help us stay more realistic about what we can do and to keep us from catastrophic failure.  However, how many times did Abraham Lincoln fail before he succeeded?  How many scientists try many, many different variations of different variables before they make an amazing scientific discovery?

If we succeed, will we be able to live up to other people’s expectations?  Were we just a flash in the pan?  Do people really only have one best-selling novel in them?  Making it in this world does not usually involve just achieving one thing and then resting on your laurels.

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