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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

When it comes to art and music,  different people have different tastes and it varies from culture to culture.  Even what you perceive and appreciate now is determined by past experience.  Connections in the brain are either reinforced by use or weakened through disuse.

The more you learn about the universe, the more beauty you see.  That pile of junk becomes a work of art newly viewed through your now awakened eyes.

Peoples’ perspectives on things vary and it is refreshing to know that different people find different things to be beautiful.  Being able to appreciate something is a gift.  Using words like “junk”, “noise”, or “dribble” to label someone else’s artistic experience most often shows ignorance rather than knowledge of great music, art, or writing.

There are always some people who will promote something as art, etc. when it isn’t finding some gullible person or persons who will follow the latest “trend” even when they don’t know why it is supposed to be so fantastic.  They just want to be seen as having or doing the latest “in” thing.  Money can be made that way especially when you are the person other people consult to find this out.  Interior decorators and clothing designers  can be kept in business by customers who depend on them to keep their houses and themselves in style.



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