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Attachment A Crucial Step


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Attachment is a crucial step that is often neglected in determining what is needed in order to develop strong relationships between mother and father and child.  It is a rhythm that is developed between the mother or father and child at the beginning of the child’s life.  The child gives out signals as to what and when he or she needs something and the caregiver learns to recognize these signals and meet the child’s needs establishing a firm consistent bond between them.  One of affection for the parent and one of trust for the child.

Sometimes it is a difficult process if the child is cranky for some reason and inconsolable especially if the parent-caregiver does not have a support system in place to rely on besides the child or an absent partner.  Attachment is a crucial step in a child’s development.  Some children are born with a more difficult temperament than other children even though the child’s sibling or siblings may not  be this way.  Colic is frequently something that causes enormous frustration for the caregiver or caregivers and is difficult to tolerate if there is no relief possible from any support system and/or the caregiver’s frustration tolerance is low due to other stresses in their life and/or the lack of a successful attachment to their parent or parents when they were an infant.