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Letting Others Control You

What other people think of you is important to you.  How you “make” other people feel can determine what you will do and say in different situations.  Yes, you should own what you actually do to others and its real life consequences; but you should should not be so unselfconfident that you go where ever the wind of other people’s opinions and emotional reactions blows you.

Calm Sunset

Calm Sunset (Photo credit: me’nthedogs)

Who are you?  Do you know?  Being even tempered and calm can help you make it in life.  There is a small inner voice that can guide you in terms of what you ought to do.  Do you listen to others or do you listen to it?  This is often called your instinct or intuition.  People who aren’t in touch with this part of themselves have difficulty making decisions.  They second guess themselves.  They don’t offer an opinion or make a choice until after they have heard what others think or are going to do.

People wonder how other people can sometimes keep their cool.  We have to be aware of what sets us off, what we can’t seem to resist, and what we think we have to have.  We really need very little, but we think we need much more.  This has been conditioned into us by our upbringing in society.  Through anthropology, we have learned of what we call primitive groups of people who lead very happy satisfied lives and have very little of what we think we need to have in “civilized” society.

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