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Compulsive hoarding

Less Is More


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What do you have to keep track of?  Hoarders have lots of stuff.  Collectors, which is a nicer name for hoarders, ditto.  Billionaires have homes, not just homes, but mansions and penthouses in several big cities and exotic locations.  So you can hire people to take care of these things for you, but who supervises and keeps track of them?

Paperwork can overwhelm you but so can backing up and keeping track of computer files.  Downsizing is a current buzz word among baby boomers.  Genealogy is a popular hobby, but how many ancestors and descendants can you keep track of?

The more you have, the less able you are to keep track of it.  Can you immediately put your finger on anything you own?  Have you forgotten where you put it or have you forgotten that you once even possessed it.

Keeping things within sight can be very convenient.  It serves as a reminder of something you want to remember to do and it makes it hard to lose something.  It is even better if the things that you keep out are things that give you pleasure to look at.

Passing things on that you no longer use or need can be a good  idea once you realize that you have gotten your use or pleasure out of them and somebody else can make better use of them than you can.  I have often thought that there should be a storehouse of things, perhaps collectibles, where people could check out things that interested them that they could use or keep on display for a time and then return when they became interested in or in need of something else.  I enjoyed it when I lived in a city where there was an art museum where you could check out works of art and then exchange them for other works of art.

Recycling is a good idea so is re-purposing.  Things go in and out of style so easily in our society that things are wasted and not used up or wore out.



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