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The Winner Takes All

Finding a man to ask you to marry him or getting a girl to say yes when you pop the question is not a winner takes all proposition.  It is not a competition although some see it as such.  Do you want to be a high maintenance trophy wife or a cougar?  Do you want to be a kept man or have a trophy wife.  This can be a losing proposition any way you take it.

Love is a give and take relationship, not a one-sided one.  If someone is doing all the taking, the giver might put some requirements on the marriage contract which the taker might not like and feel forced to comply with.  When something is begrudgingly given, the recipient is not getting a gift, but an obligation.

A good relationship is one where you can be yourself and be honest with your partner at the same time.  It’s a “magical” connection between two people where their hearts are involved.  Each one supports the other and helps them to be truely the person they were meant to be.

Trophy Wife Anniversary Cake

Trophy Wife Anniversary Cake (Photo credit: Kevin McShane)

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