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Customer Service center at 23d Street downtown terminal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Customer Service can make or break a business as it can make or break a customer’s day.  I’ve recently made the point that I can be a grump.  One of my frequently used sayings is, “Sometimes, my patience, is tried.”

Sometimes I do not realize until too late that this is happening and I sometimes erupt embrassng myself.  Like the time I shook my fist in the third trip through the drive through getting a prescription filled after surgery (which I mentioned in my blog last week) or when I said, s–t! in front of the grandchildren.  It is hard to control yourself sometimes when you have reached your limit.

Today , I assigned myself the job of contacting the customer service departments of three businesses and like the rural salesman seeking a tire jack from a “grouchy” farmer in my favorite joke who says, “You can keep your God Damn jack!” when the farmer opens his door., I was ready to explode and had even had several conversations with the various businesses in my head before calling them.

After a couple of frustrating attempts to reach the various customer service departments, I made my connections and had a pleasant conversation with all three and resolved my issues satisfactorily.  I felt so good that I sat down to write this post afterwards.  Even though my first assumptions were that the conversations would turn out badly, I didn’t let that color my initial  conversations with them.  The more cheerful I was the more cheerful they were.  So spread a little joy this season or anytime.  “Please” and “Thank you don’t hurt” and don’t be rude if you can help it.spreadthejoyimages

A week ago at the phramacy drive though, I was in a nasty mood; but when I tried to resolve the issue over the phone talking to different pharamacies, I changed my tone of voice and let my mad fit go.  Sometimes things are not fair; but you don’t have to let them get to you and ruin your day as well as someone else’s day (whose fault, it might not have been initially).  Some businesses’s customer service departments are so nice that I think I could call them up to help myself feel better when I am down.

This leads to the final thing I want to say and that is the list of businesses, local, online, or national, that I recommend usually depends on how they treat me when I contact them.  I hope these businesses would also recommend me as a customer because of how I treat them.



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Displaced Aggression

Have you ever been in a good mood and lost it when you came in contact with somebody in a bad mood?  With customer service jobs, this is a job hazard, which may not be addressed during job training.  Any job where you are the first person (and maybe the only person) with whom the public has contact in a business can be a virtual minefield.   An office administrator told me, she had a hard time keeping receptionists; because the people who worked in the office would expect the receptionist to deal with the persons who had appointments with them when they were running late or had to cancel an appointment at the last minute.  Sometimes these people would not even notify the receptionist that there was going to be a problem and people who showed up to see them found this out after they had arrived for the appointment.  You can guess what happened then.

I had a consulting job doing interviews for a government agency.  I was  not an employee of the agency.  I just saw the people whom they had scheduled for me to see and submitted a report to the agency.  Once I got close to being killed because of this.  The government agency’s contact with these people was often by phone and when they did see these people there were security guards present and security cameras on site.  This was not true when I saw the person and sometimes I was the only person with whom they had actual in person contact.  At the end of his interview with me, one guy told me he had planned to bring a gun to the interview, but somebody had talked him out of it.  This was after he had, during the interview, told about a situation where he had unsuccessfully stalked someone with a gun.

Nice Reception people at DICE in Stockholm

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