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Leading People On By Those Who Should Know Better


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Leading people on is a scam.  Here’s one you didn’t think about awhile back.  How many worthless college degrees are there out there?  How much in student loans is owed and can’t be paid off in this economy.  I bet you know at least one person like that.  I know several.

Colleges and their financial aid offices are leading people on.  These days a college degree doesn’t guarantee you a good job anymore, perhaps not even a job.  Accurate numbers are not being kept of people with college degrees who have given up looking for a job.  Also how many people are working only part-time or even at minimum wage service jobs?  Add to this the number of people who are working at jobs where a college degree is not needed and also in an area that they did not complete their studies in.  Last but not least how many people are stay-at-home moms or dads because even with their college degrees they can’t find a job that pays enough so they can afford a babysitter?

Leading people on is a scam in which promises are not kept.  College students are encouraged to acquire more debt than they can  pay.   Is this a problem with truth in advertising?  We have had that problem in the housing industry with people buying more house than they can afford.  It is not bad enough that these college graduates can often only get a job paying a subsistence wage with which they have trouble making ends meet.  Then they have to pay off  an exorbitant amount of college debt as well.  Is there such a thing as ethics to consider in loaning money to someone who will not be able to pay it back and in offering educations that won’t pay any return on the investment?


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There Is No Accounting For….Part II

English: me and my friend

English: me and my friend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People sometimes handle people like they do finances in my previous post.  They are often found getting others to take their side and listen to their story.  These other people might even fight their battles for them.  They are takers, not givers.  They forget to pay their debts of friendship and may even betray their current friend when something better comes along.  The relationship can be one sided and the benefits are all going one way.  Instead of repaying their debt, the takers move on when something better comes along and may forget that their former friend even exists.

There are two sides to every issue.  Your fair weather friend seems misunderstood and you rescue them.  Often found when one half of a divorce or separation tells people in new relationships that they make that the new person or persons is not like the previous person that they had the unsatisfactory relationship with.  When they turn on you (if they do) you will be just like their ex and they will be talking about you in negative ways, revealing things that you thought they would keep secret, (except for this) forgetting that you ever existed.  No returned phone calls, unexplained irrational behavior, not showing up for planned events, leaving you holding the bag if money and expenses were involved.  Then their friends and family (if they are still talking to you) come out of the woodwork and tell the whole story about what this person is like and what they have done in the past.

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