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Be Yourself, Love Yourself


Honesty is the best policy!  The more lies you tell, including white lies, the bigger the chance that you will get tripped up.  I am not suggesting that you expose yourself and leave yourself wide open for scam artists and others who would misuse your information.  If they’re not someone you would consider a friend or a close family member, you don’t owe them your life history and current credit score.  Just kidding.

It is refreshing to just be able to be yourself with somebody.  You are not necessarily trying to convert them to your point of view nor are they trying to convert you to theirs.  You can even discuss religion and politics without having a fight.  You can be open about mistakes you have made now or in the past.  You can talk about your future hopes no matter how silly they might sound to someone else.  You can talk for hours.

This often happens at a time in your life when you have become more realistic and realize that everyone is not perfect nor should they have to be.  The more honest you become with yourself, the more likely you will be able to love and accept yourself.  It often happens when you no longer worship idols like money and fame.  Treat yourself like you would like to be treated.  Take loving care of yourself.  If you don’t, you won’t be able to keep on taking care of others.

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