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Revenge Often Only Hurts the Victim

Stop sign

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Lately I have been avoiding a lot of accidents and giving other people a break rather than having a well-justified case of road rage.

For example, I made a left turn  on to a main street and there was a box truck backing out on to the street into the lane in front of me.  I had no idea what was going on so I stopped and waited to see what the driver was going to do.  He was trying to back his truck into the service station on that side of the street.  I guess I could have kept going but I didn’t.  The accident would have been his fault because he would have been backing into me.  Would it have been worth an accident to prove I was right and he was wrong?

All kinds of crazy things have been happening to me lately on the road.  A car came up to a stop sign on a side road (I had the right of way as I did not have to stop for the side road.), stopped and pulled out in front of me.  I could have hit him and it would have been his fault.  Would it have been worth it.

I guess this is what some people call driving defensively.  I watch out for what unexpected thing another driver might do.  I call it driving safely.  How bad do I have to assert myself and prove that the another driver is a bad driver and make him or her pay for it.  It is inconvenient, yes; smart, no.



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