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Extenuating circumstances

Are There Extenuating Circumstances When It Comes to Telling Lies?

Anya telling a secret to her brother.

Anya telling a secret to her brother. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes we have promised to keep a secret for someone else.  Does everyone have the right to know that your friend is pregnant?  There may be a reason for keeping it a secret like a history of miscarriages.  Even then who has a right to know? and who determines that right?  Isn’t it the prospective parents?

Some things we feel more comfortable telling others and other things we may feel less comfortable telling others.  We might not want everyone to know how much money we make or how much we weigh.  If to not tell the truth is not hurting anyone, why do we have to make our life history and present circumstances known to everybody.  Especially when some unscrupulous person can use this information to hurt you.

Generally we know inside when we are deliberately keeping the truth from someone who should have it and when we really don’t have to share.  If you come right out and tell the truth freely in every situation, you might find out that not everyone values the truth and respects those that tell it.

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