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Decision Points

Decision Points (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trying to get my life in order, I discovered that I have two major obstacles (maybe more like procrastination, but I am not going to talk about them here):  making decisions and solving problems about how to do something once I decide what I am going to do.  These two things can bring me to a stand still.

I have a disturbing habit.  I find my home speaks to me and what it tells me is not comforting.  Because of this, it is not the peaceful retreat that I would like it to be.  Everywhere I look I see something that needs to be done, a problem that needs to be solved.  When I think about it, it all boils down to one thing.  I need to make a decision about something.

There is a lot out about fung sway and the need to declutter.  Also if you do this then it is easier to keep it clean and is less work.  Organizing involves choices like where to put stuff and what to keep and what to give or throw away.  Once upon a time, when the house was new, my family moved us in from the old house and although the new house had a lot of storage, they did not sort through much of the stuff and they stashed it away where ever they could.  I was working and traveling at that time and it wasn’t until recently that I had any time to do anything about it.

When I have an hour or so, I think about tackling this task; but whenever I do I get bogged down making the necessary decisions.  And what initially looks like it should take an hour, may take a whole day or two days if you can not devote a full day at one time.   If I make a decision to get rid of something or to find another more compatible place to put it, the next step is to decide how to do this.  So I have old electronics and appliances that I decide are no longer useful, where do I dispose of them and when I find that out, I find out that I have to go to a certain place at a certain time to do so.  Maybe the decision was not to hard to make, but solving the problem of how to get rid of it is difficult.

Some of these decisions occur because I let them accumulate by not making them when they initially need to be done.  Do I trust my own judgment?  Am I like the little red hen who tries to make bread and winds up not getting it done because she listens to what everybody else tells her to do and does not do what she knows she should do instead.  Sometimes it makes more sense to just do something and go on to the next task then it does to vacillate forever and waste your time when you could be getting other tasks done.

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