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1950 CVTC 22 Homemaking

1950 CVTC 22 Homemaking (Photo credit: wistechcolleges)

Why do we think that some tasks are worth praise, even adoration, and others are so unimportant they are ignored and the people who do them are not usually considered worthy of compensation.  True creating another human being out of your own body is a marvelous thing but caring for him or her is considered to not be worth notice.  In business, people who create things and provide the services that go with them are recognized by the re-numeration they receive.  They often are recognized and given honors and positions of authority.

Having children and maintaining a home often result in sacrifice for the person who does it.  Creating a consistent job history is difficult and  smaller salaries (and as a result social security and  retirement income are often inadequate to support the person in their senior years) often reflect this.  The experience necessary for professional growth is not gotten as time spent outside of work is focused on child rearing and housework.

Housework can be a thankless task and the only time it gets noticed is when it is not done.  No matter how educated you are, if you are female, you are supposed to manage the house, bear, and raise the children and have a career if you have time or pay someone else to do it (which really eats up a paycheck).  On the positive side, housework can be a form of exercise and can provide a neat, clean, and orderly place to live in.

Focusing on having a healthy pregnancy and raising self-confident , well-loved, and disciplined children are worthy goals and create a better world for all of us to live in.

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