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Laughter is good for you and good for others as long as they laugh with you.  Laughing at someone as long as they are in on the joke and/ or they did something deliberately to evoke it is fine.

Laughter has been known to be used by cancer patients to relieve the stress of  cancer treatments.  Frequently videos of comedians are watched to elicit spontaneous laughter.

Laughter initiates a mood change.  It is hard to be grumpy and pessimistic when you are smiling and chuckling.

Laughter is more frequent among children than among adults.  Hang around the younger generation and concentrate on the laughter and joy that surrounds them when they play.

Laughter is generated when you can see the humor in a situation even if it is initially distressing or embarrassing.  Awkward moments have been handled by doing this.  Comedians often make fun of themselves and of things like divorce and death which people don’t usually perceive as funny.


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