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Alcohol Problem? Why Not Try Hypnosis?

alcohol-addictionWith the twelve step programs and all the addiction services out there, I have never heard mentioned that someone tried hypnosis.  How about you?  Maybe it should not be the only thing an addict tries but it could be an adjunct part of his or her therapy.  People with addictions need all the help they can get.  Hypnosis with a qualified hypnotist who has worked with weight problems and other addiction problems couldn’t hurt.  It would be cost effective if done in groups and that might encourage someone to try it when they wouldn’t do it on their own.  At the very least it would teach a person how to relax without seeking their drug or addictive behavior of choice.

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Impossible Dreams?

SuspensionofdisbeliefAre there impossible dreams?  What do you think?  Almost everything starts as a dream, a dream of something we might like to be true.  Bringing up hypnosis again,  hypnosis can change a person’s perception of what is possible and the impossible can happen.  For example, a person can have surgery without anesthesia.

English: Brain on hypnosis

English: Brain on hypnosis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What about what seem to be the impossible dreams of other people?  How often do we reject another person’s reality as impossible?  What if we accept it first and wait to reject it later when we have examined the proposition?  Take it a step further.  What if we believed that if another person thought something was possible, it would be possible?  Take “peace on earth”.  How quickly do you reject that idea as impossible?  How quickly could it be accomplished if people accepted the idea?  There are studies where people concentrated on such ideas, visualized them, and prayed about them and things like crime in that area were reduced.

We often are controlled by others when we accept the idea that something can’t be done.  They tell us we have impossible dreams.  How often has it rained on your parade when someone convinced you that something you wanted to do couldn’t be done?  You started out with a smile on your face and wound up with it turned upside down.  People who feel powerless often try to become powerful by controlling other people’s lives when they can not control their own lives.   Just think how all that enthusiasm that gets quashed could be used to accomplish something.

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In Sync?

5 Senses

5 Senses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Continuing the discussion on the senses, Without A Thought, Effortless Living, ” if you use the same sense as your conversational partner prefers when talking about how he or she perceives things,  you will be more in sync with them and you will find that he or she may be more agreeable and more likely to accept your point of view.  This could be a very good sales technique and it is also used in establishing rapport in therapy or inducing trances, especially in a conversational style of induction.  In any relationship, paying attention to such things would give you a clue as to the type of activity or gift someone would like.  How about, “That smells good,” for example.  Makes you think of fresh baked goods or scented candles or perfume or aftershave.

As you grow psychologically and focus more on your direct experience (Ah la mindfulness), you will probably become more aware of your own sensory experiences.  Colors may become brighter; sounds, more noticeable; smells, more attractive or more obnoxious.  You may become able to create a more realistic experience when you imagine a restful scene when using relaxation techniques.  Start with your area of strength, usually the one sense that you use the most when describing things.  By doing so, you can get in sync with yourself and have a more intense experience when you do this.  The more of this you do, the better your visualizations (for want of a better word that would include the use of all the senses).

The Collection ('N Sync album)

The Collection (‘N Sync album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The Power of Hypnosis

Hypnosis teaches that the mind can do things while in a hypnotic trance that we think it “can’t” do when not in a trance.  Time can be expanded or condensed.  Things that normally take one amount of  time can be experienced  as slowed down like they are in slow motion or as speeded up.  Material (which ordinarily would take hours to relive in real time) can be  completely remembered in a short amount of time during hypnosis.  Hypnosis enhances memory and aids recall.  It is used when a person can not remember something they experienced or if they can remember it, they can’t do so in great detail.  It enhances a remembered experience so that it feels like it is happening right in the moment.   Sensory experiences also can be intensified when doing this.  I was hypnotized by a trained, experienced hypnotist.  While under hypnosis, I remembered a party I had attended a couple of days earlier in great, vivid detail.  I could “see” the food that was served and how it was presented and also I could “see” and remember all  the people that were there.  I also could have answered detailed questions about it which I could not have done had I not been hypnotized.

The person being hypnotized can perceive things and do things that they could not do in a waking state.  An exception to this is when a hypnotized person is given a post hypnotic suggestion.  This  occurs when a person is told they will have a certain experience or do something after they come out of trance. They are also told when they will do this after the trance is over.  For example the hypnotist might say a certain word after the trance. The person then does what has been suggested and is usually surprised by his or her behavior; because this is usually done with the suggestion that the person will have amnesia for the command. These things include anesthesia, altered perceptions, and increased or a new ability to do something like public speaking. Redness and blisters can appear if a hypnotized person is told to touch something he thinks is hot but it is only a hypnotic suggestion and the thing is not actually hot. Wouldn’t it be amazing if people could learn how to do these things without being in a trance to do them.

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