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Jigsaw puzzle

The Competition To Be Worthy Or Unworthy

A "whimsy" from a nautical-themed wo...

A “whimsy” from a nautical-themed wooden jigsaw puzzle. Puzzle by The Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Company Limited (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you want to be the most important person in the world or do you take the other tack and perceive yourself as the most unworthy person in the world?  With both points of view people set themselves as apart from the rest of the world and because of this, can be seen as egotistical.  People would rather be seen as better or worse than everyone else than not being seen and invisible.  This seems to be the worst possible fate for many people.

It is hard to be the best or the worst of anything.  Mother Teresa?  Hitler?  That must mean we are failures before we even start.  However, if you take the point of view that you are unique, that you have a purpose in life that only you can fulfill, and that the jigsaw puzzle of life will not be complete without your piece, then you are special and nobody else can take your place.

We are often raised to be jealous of one another.  “Why aren’t you more like Heather or Ralph?”  “If it weren’t for you, I could be doing what I wanted.”  Sometimes this sentiment is drilled so far into us that we think of our selves as worthless.  But the most worthless person in the world?  Probably not.

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The Jigsaw Puzzle of Life

Unfinished jigsaw puzzle screenshot - butterfl...

Unfinished jigsaw puzzle screenshot - butterfly on flowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You are part of the jigsaw puzzle of life.  Yes, you are only one piece, but the picture won’t be finished until your piece is in it’s place.  Do you know about that satisfying feeling that one gets when he or she completes a giant, complex picture puzzle?  Remember how hard it is to see any of the completed picture in any one piece or even in a handful of pieces.  If you didn’t have the picture on the box to help you, how would you know where to start or what piece to put with what?

We all need to help each other in order to get a complete picture as we each have a necessary part of the whole.   Our part will be missed if it isn’t there.  No wonder we don’t understand what is going on in the world when we try to figure it all out by ourselves.  We are all part of the whole that we can’t see by ourselves.

Every interaction with someone else helps us to see more of the picture that we can’t see when we are alone.  Another analogue might be that of having to use certain ingredients in certain amounts and forms to create a magnificent dish.  Each ingredient by itself might be unremarkable, even unpalatable.  Currently there is a big following of people who like bacon in many different ways even candied or covered in chocolate which sound like they might be not very good together, but they are tasty and people flock to restaurants or stands where they are created and sold.

You may not realize how important you are in the fabric of life.  If you did not exist or had been born somewhere else to someone else, important things might not have happened and the world would be changed maybe not in a good way.

If you believe God created you, wouldn’t he have had something in mind for you to do or be?  Maybe it was even required that you not know what this plan was for it to work.

Remember you are not the most worthless person in the world.  No one can be.  It is just as presumptuous to think that as it is to think that you are the most important person in the world that has ever lived.  Still we are all part of the plan and not one  of us is unnecessary.

Remember that each one of us is precious and deserves to be taken good care of.  Remember the story in the Bible of the shepherd and his sheep, how he will leave his flock to fetch the one that has gone astray.

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