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Don’t Let It Go to Your Head!

Cover of How to Make Good Decisions and Be Rig...

Cover of How to Make Good Decisions and Be Right All the Time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People are put into positions of leadership sometimes for all the wrong reasons.  It can be who they know or are related to.  It can be only because they have a degree.  There has been a lot of comment from the military about the creation of officers from college graduates in the past with little or no military experience.  Even if they have come up through the ranks or have on the job experience, they may not be natural born leaders.  Some people think that just because they get the job title of supervisor that means they know how to be bosses and they often make the mistake of prematurely making decisions about the business before they know what they are doing.  They are often eager to impress on the people under them that they are the boss and can make all the decisions.

Often the decisions are made with little knowledge about the workplace.  The people actually doing the job may have  the most experience and frequently might know what works and doesn’t work.  New bosses are frequently insecure and are afraid if they rely on the people under them for advice that this will make them appear weak.  In order to strengthen their new positions, new bosses decide to make a lot of changes.  They may think that they were put in charge because the old system of doing things was not working and that some major changes need to be made.  Things need to be shook up a little.  The other thought that they might have is that the employees need to be shown who’s boss now and what better way to do it than making some unpopular but needed (from the new bosses premature point of view) changes.    They might throw out the baby with the bath water.

Hiring and promoting people into leadership positions should be done thoughtfully and with as much knowledge as one can get about what makes a good boss and how good business decisions are made.

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Courage Is Not Always Just a Masculine Trait

The famous "The Buck Stops Here" sig...

The famous "The Buck Stops Here" sign from President Harry Truman's desk. The reverse of the sign says "I'm From Missouri". (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When people grow up, they should develop both their masculine and feminine sides.  This is often forgotten when a father has the desire to have a “real boy” and the son has anger issues because of his father wanting to have a “tough” kid and reinforcing such behaviors.  Having softer feelings, being sentimental, and certainly not crying, are not encouraged by this type of father.  Feminine girls are often handled in almost the completely opposite way.  I definitely surprised my older brother in early grade school when I tore in to a kid that was beating up on him.  Anger is often considered the appropriate emotion for boys and men to have when they are upset and in the same situation, girls are expected to cry.  I was also brought up to believe that when a catastrophe occurs that women are supposed to make and serve coffee and sandwiches while men do the “real” work.  You can guess that when the river was going to flood my college campus what I did.  I filled sand bags.

Thus I found that as I grew up, that there were situations in which I had to take charge and do the right thing and I could not wait around for another person, especially a man, to come around and take charge for me.  “The buck stops here,” was the new motto of the day.  I learned that when something goes wrong and you are “it”,  you can’t always wait for someone else to come and help do anything.  I surprised myself by what I could do when I had to.  Some of those times were my most valued experiences as I matured.

There are times when you (yes, you women) have to deal with dangerous situations and be very careful not to upset the apple cart.  You might not be able to win if there was a physical fight but you can sometimes side step a dangerous confrontation by using your head.  I am not suggesting that you put yourself purposefully in such a situation to prove yourself; but to remind you that it can happen. Using both the masculine and the feminine side is sometimes the best solution in such situations. We can’t always leave it to the men to take care of such problems and before I get in trouble, men can’t always leave it to the women when a women’s touch is needed.



President Harry Truman with "The Buck Sto...

President Harry Truman with "The Buck Stops Here" sign on his desk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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