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Adoption Of Slavery Eats At The Soul

Whenever man chooses to use some form of slavery to amass a fortune and gain power over others, he loses his soul.  In order to do this a person has to lie to himself, herself, or others to do this.  The most unfortunate thing is when a person lies to him or her self about what he or she is doing and comes to believe it.   The worst person to lie to is oneself.rp_300px-Accounting_bruce.jpgOne lie leads to another.  Watch the movie, 12 Years A Slave.  The plantation owner’s wife was led to deceive so she could keep her husband and plantation.  The plantation owner deceived himself and how he treated his mistress who was one of his slaves.  The slave herself lied to the plantation owner and those who lived on the plantation about her feelings about being forced to be his mistress.  The other slaves and the plantation owner’s wife didn’t know that the mistress was doing this against her will and she endured cruelty from the plantation owner’s wife, other slaves, and as well as the plantation owner himself.

What a life we live when first we practice to deceive.  Does the end justify the means?  How often do you lie to yourself or others in order to not feel guilty or shamed about something.  Especially if we are vulnerable to the judgment of others.  Rationalizing is giving a “good” reason for doing something that others will accept without criticism.  It also could be said that someone was justifying something they did.rp_Truman_pass-the-buck.jpg

Confession is good for the soul.  The place to start is with your own conscience.  Examine yourself.  Are you telling any lies of omission and/or co-mission.  Remember only a fool believes his or her own lies and lets them becomes his or her reality.  If you believe you can’t for give yourself for something you did or said, it is more likely that you can’t reveal  that you have been rationalization and justifying these things to others and yourself.  Your justifications and rationalizations you do reveal even to yourself what they really are lies.

Do you conveniently forget stuff you have done that makes you uncomfortable?  Do you tell a “made up” reason for doing something so frequently in order to be more comfortable, that you have forgotten the real reason.rp_300px-Boy_and_girl_from_Mauritius.jpg

As adults we often find it easy to bamboozle our  children and get them to believing something that is not true.  Then we laugh at how they react.  Sometimes they even cry.  Yes, it is easy to lie to children or to others who don’t know what we know; but should we.  Taking their innocence away from children is stealing using lies and deceit.  Children are not called “innocent” for nothing.

Charlatans and psychopaths know when they are lying, but they don’t care if they are telling the truth or not.  Do you?  Get something the “right” way or don’t get it at all.  When you lie, you lose everyone’s respect including your own.

Concealing One’s Motives

But-behavior-in-the-human-being-is-sometimes-a-defense,-a-way-of-concealing-motives-and-thoughts,-as-language-can-be-a-way-of-hiding-your-thoughts-and-preventing-communication.Concealing ones motives happens all the time.  Oh, what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive.  The motive behind this is that people wouldn’t believe us or do what we want them to do if we made clear our real motivation.  Deception is rampant.  Many people do not feel that honesty is the best policy.  People feel that they would not get what they want if they told the truth.

Concealing one’s motives also happens when a person feels that the behavior would not be acceptable by others if they knew the real motive.  People like to pass judgments on other people and to avoid being embarrassed or rejected, people conceal why they really do something.  People are often discouraged by other people’s reactions from asking for what they really want or saying who they really are even though their needs, their desires, and even their own identities are not supported by this.

Concealing ones motives happens when we do not trust others.  The real reason we want to do something might give the other person information that they could use to hurt us.  For example, if telling the real reason we have done or want to do something, has something to do with our sexual orientation or religious beliefs.  Prejudice is a big reason some people do not tell the truth.

Live and let live is a motto to have when understanding other people’s behaviors and it leads to other people not concealing one’s motives.


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What A Sales Job

Don’t you tell me what you want.  I will tell you what you want and you will be happy with what you get.   This seems to be the theme of modern day business and politics.  Business leaders and political leaders seem to be far removed from the ordinary, everyday world and they forget that we live in a democracy where the voice of the ordinary citizen can and should be heard and make a difference.  Instead we get crammed down our throats what experts think is good for us (but it really is what is good for them).

Politician Hug

Politician Hug (Photo credit: buck82)

Many people make a career of telling the ordinary person what they should do with little or no basis of experience of being actually involved in and having lived with the conditions they are making recommendations about or have made a decision about.

Part of the problem is people telling other people what to do and then not applying it to themselves.  What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.  Would you buy or have you bought the thing you are advertising and used it?  How insincere can you get.  What it amounts to is telling lies.  When a person has a position of great power such as the President of the United State or a CEO of a major organization,  they are often perpetuating their own views of what society should need and want even if it hurts the people and benefits the person in power.  Ordinary people get caught up in this too and to keep a job which he or she desperately needs, they will frequently promote these ideas of those in power even if they know they are not right.  Are these crimes against humanity?

Why are we so afraid of the truth?  Why don’t we have a better educational system where students are exposed to all different points of view in order to find out what they believe.  Instructing students in logic would also help them with their decision-making.  One problem (which is another example of what was citied above about politicians and CEO’s) is that academics often have a particular theory or belief that they promote to the exclusion of opposing points of view.  Students can be very vulnerable to this type of influence if the professor appears particularly learned and holds a position of power or standing in his or her field.  Do these professors seek admiration from their students, all I know is that sometimes they can exert undue influence over their students.  This is not to neglect the professors that welcome inquiring minds and help the students to open to pioneering in new fields of interest.

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Be Yourself, Love Yourself


Honesty is the best policy!  The more lies you tell, including white lies, the bigger the chance that you will get tripped up.  I am not suggesting that you expose yourself and leave yourself wide open for scam artists and others who would misuse your information.  If they’re not someone you would consider a friend or a close family member, you don’t owe them your life history and current credit score.  Just kidding.

It is refreshing to just be able to be yourself with somebody.  You are not necessarily trying to convert them to your point of view nor are they trying to convert you to theirs.  You can even discuss religion and politics without having a fight.  You can be open about mistakes you have made now or in the past.  You can talk about your future hopes no matter how silly they might sound to someone else.  You can talk for hours.

This often happens at a time in your life when you have become more realistic and realize that everyone is not perfect nor should they have to be.  The more honest you become with yourself, the more likely you will be able to love and accept yourself.  It often happens when you no longer worship idols like money and fame.  Treat yourself like you would like to be treated.  Take loving care of yourself.  If you don’t, you won’t be able to keep on taking care of others.

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