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dream pillows

dream pillows (Photo credit: sweetjessie)

My dreams are not just wacky, mixed up images of things I had encountered earlier that day or scarey things that haunt me and ruin my sleep.  I go to work.  Some might call this lucid dreaming.  I am with people and I am doing things and it seems to go on all night.  Am I getting anything accomplished, I don’t know.  I levitate and fly in my dreams also.  This is the enjoyable part.  I am a bit of a show-off in my dreams as not everybody in my dreams can do this like me.

Dreams are just one thing that many people disregard.  Most people will admit that at least some, if not all, people dream even if some people can’t remember their dreams.  There are some people who feel that dreams have no earthly purpose and that trying to remember them and interpret them is foolish and a waste of time.  Things happen for a reason and therefore, dreams have a purpose.  Disregarding our dreams is like denying that the sense of smell has any useful purpose.


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