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Here I Am, I Can Not Do Otherwise

rp_182075622_e2c5a99240_m.jpgDo you stand up for yourself especially when it means going it alone.  Unconditional love can be hard to find.  And when you give unconditional love, you may not get it back.  Risky isn’t it?  Condemnation comes more easily than acceptance.  Do you want to hurt someone before they can hurt you?  Babies and puppies and kittens can be very trusting and can give their affection without realizing that they might get hurt by doing it.  Back in the teenage years and later as a young adult, a person may not have wanted to make the first move when dating for fear of being rejected.  Rejection can be a very dangerous thing if you are small.  Who can you depend on to meet the needs that you can’t yet meet for yourself?  Do you know at that age that the rejection most likely won’t last and you will be secure again?   What stock of experiences stored in his or her memory does a child have to depend on to be sure that  he or she is will be safe and will be accepted and cared for once again.  Love withdrawal because of this is a dangerous form of discipline.  It is the act that is disliked not the person but the child doesn’t know that.

When a child starts having a peer group, that is another place where a child can suffer from rejection.  Child often learn to quickly gang up on another child and by rejecting that child, make his or



herself feel more secure.  Isn’t being ostracized or shunned often the worse thing that can happen to a person.  How often do we look around at the people in the group that we are in to determine what is the safe thing to do or say?  For example which is safest? being a Christian or being a Muslim or for being for abortion versus being against it.  Isn’t it often that the person that says what other people are afraid to say is the person that is doing the right thing.  Worse yet you can be killed by standing out from a crowd in this way and such uncalled for slaughter is often a satisfactory way of warding off dissent.

rp_8402039996_b8ea3fb471_m.jpgSometimes aren’t animals more loyal and self-sacrificing than humans?  In this case which one the animal or the human is more moral?  Humans can be self sacrificing and share all they have with others in their group.  Giving can be more satisfying than receiving.  I have a wonderful spiritual friend who just bubbled over when it was suggested to her that the most fun in the world would be to be able to give people something they really wanted and couldn’t ordinarily have.

Even some murderers and many other  wrong doers have some sort of a conscience and this is often what trips them up and gets them caught.  There are, however, people out there often called psychopaths or sociopaths who do not even have a remnant of a conscience and can get away with doing horrendous things because there they have no conscience.  Role models are important in the building of a conscience.  If somebody does something for you that they don’t have to do and is even self-sacrificing, you may want to imitate them because when they behave this way they make you feel good.

Life for me is making a closer and closer approximation to a person who believes that other men are his or her brothers and sisters and that certain “truths” rp_The_Meaning_of_Life_with_Gay_Byrne.jpgare worth standing up for and fighting for.  I know when I am not living up to this standard and I believe I have been purposely put on earth to do this.  Current studies of animal behavior also demonstrate loving and caring behavior in such nonhuman animals as dolphins and elephants as well.  Here I stand, I can not do otherwise (Martin Luther).

The Jigsaw Puzzle of Life

Unfinished jigsaw puzzle screenshot - butterfl...

Unfinished jigsaw puzzle screenshot - butterfly on flowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You are part of the jigsaw puzzle of life.  Yes, you are only one piece, but the picture won’t be finished until your piece is in it’s place.  Do you know about that satisfying feeling that one gets when he or she completes a giant, complex picture puzzle?  Remember how hard it is to see any of the completed picture in any one piece or even in a handful of pieces.  If you didn’t have the picture on the box to help you, how would you know where to start or what piece to put with what?

We all need to help each other in order to get a complete picture as we each have a necessary part of the whole.   Our part will be missed if it isn’t there.  No wonder we don’t understand what is going on in the world when we try to figure it all out by ourselves.  We are all part of the whole that we can’t see by ourselves.

Every interaction with someone else helps us to see more of the picture that we can’t see when we are alone.  Another analogue might be that of having to use certain ingredients in certain amounts and forms to create a magnificent dish.  Each ingredient by itself might be unremarkable, even unpalatable.  Currently there is a big following of people who like bacon in many different ways even candied or covered in chocolate which sound like they might be not very good together, but they are tasty and people flock to restaurants or stands where they are created and sold.

You may not realize how important you are in the fabric of life.  If you did not exist or had been born somewhere else to someone else, important things might not have happened and the world would be changed maybe not in a good way.

If you believe God created you, wouldn’t he have had something in mind for you to do or be?  Maybe it was even required that you not know what this plan was for it to work.

Remember you are not the most worthless person in the world.  No one can be.  It is just as presumptuous to think that as it is to think that you are the most important person in the world that has ever lived.  Still we are all part of the plan and not one  of us is unnecessary.

Remember that each one of us is precious and deserves to be taken good care of.  Remember the story in the Bible of the shepherd and his sheep, how he will leave his flock to fetch the one that has gone astray.

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