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The Problem With News Reporting

The problem with news reporting is not that there is too much of it, but that the same material is repeated over and over, hour by hour.  Why are we being flooded with news, but not all the news that is fit to print.  This used to be called brain washing.  Hour after hour, we hear the same thing over and over.  I am listening to hear the news not someone’s biased reporting of it or some expert’s opinion repeated ad nausea.

Journalism used to be a profession.  That is another problem with news reporting.  Facts were checked and sources were screened.  People worked their way up in the field.  There were prizes and awards that were truly earned.  Where did they go?  You couldn’t curry the favor of a true news reporter.  They couldn’t be bought or sold.

Another problem with news reporting is that now fame and notoriety seem to be more important than honor and self-respect.  The spin on something is more important than the truth.  Good old fashioned values have bit the dust.  At one time someone would have rather died than been seen as a coward or as someone who had no morals.

Being the first one to report something no matter how inaccurate is what is the most important.  Even if the reported “facts” are later proven to be wrong and may have accounted for the mishandling of a legal or political situation, it is still more important to get there first and to get the public to believe your view of it even if you later are proven to be inaccurate  and your slant on it wrong.

It is not that there aren’t honorable people reporting the news, but it seems harder and harder to find them.


What consumes your mind, controls your life.

What consumes your mind, controls your life. (Photo credit: deeplifequotes)

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The Problem with Narcissism

The problem with narcissism is it perverts a person’s sense of morals. Does being a narcissist give you free rein to create any piece of fiction you want to be true?  (This is lying by the way.)  Why does the end justify the means in this case?  Do People in business and politics lose sight of the truth when it doesn’t suit their purposes.  Why do we have to justify having power over others when it doesn’t benefit them.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Keeping Up with the Kardashians (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The problem with narcissism is that it is all me, me, me!  If not me, me, me; it’s you, you, you.  Everyone wants their ten minutes of fame.  Reality TV exploits this.  We exploit this by watching it instead of living our own lives.  People make a living off of becoming famous (the Kardashians) and focus on the most superficial things in life to maintain their position and popularity and thus their income.

What is important in life?  The superficial or the meaningful?  The biggest sources of information, the news, the internet, social networks, television promote the lowest forms of narcissism and eats holes in our value systems.  Being superficial and promoting selfish goals has become America‘s style of life.

me,me,mejpgAnother problem with narcissism is that we focus on it too much.  Much of the stress in this life involves promoting and supporting our own and other people’s narcissism.  The evils of business and politics seem to have their origin in narcissism.  Sometimes It is more important how much you are in the public eye than what you do and say when you are there.  When people are in the pubic eye, they do not take responsibility for what they portray.  They often seem it as an opportunity to promote their own interests rather than to make changes for the good of society as a whole.  How come we are not taught to think about how we can contribute to the lives of others and the world rather than what we only can do for ourselves and our own personal interests.

Another problem with narcissism:  Is the motto of many such people, take all you can get and leave little or nothing for anybody else.  As we rise in life in terms of wealth and power, do we use it for only our own good or for the good of all.  I am not necessarily promoting a welfare state with government as our big mother or daddy.  But how about the idea that as one gets ahead in life, they will use this power to help others get ahead too.

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