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Past, Present and Future Which Is More Important To You?

Past, present, and future which is more important to you?  What do you spend your time thinking about?  You can’t change the past; you can just reinforce the effect that it has on you in the present and thus on the future.  Have you ever thought I can never live that down?  Do you realize that the person who hurt you has long forgotten about what they did and maybe even didn’t know or care at the time if your feelings were hurt?  The longer some people live, the more they have to regret.  Soon your memory is clogged with memories of the past leaving no room for the present or the future.  How many stories have you had repeatedly told to you by someone about their unhappy or unfortunate past?

Things of the present in front of the people o...

Things of the present in front of the people of the future (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Or of the past, present, and future, is the future more important to you?  You may feel you have to be prepared for what misfortune the future might bring.  Worry can eat at your guts and tear at your insides and because of this are you really any more prepared when and if disaster does strike?  Yes, it might be silly or stupid to not plan at all for the future; but anxiety often does not help you to be anymore prepared for it.  In fact, anxiety can cause you to procrastinate in doing so and to wind up even more unprepared than you would have been.

Perhaps disaster does strike in the present moment.  Would you have paid an even bigger price if you had lived your life up to that point filled with dread for what might happen?  How many horrible things were created and experienced by your fertile mind when you could have been possiblely concentrating on the unspoiled peace and tranquility of the present moment?  In fact some people feel that the contents of your present thoughts have a lot to do with what will happen in the future, not only in a negative way, but also in a positive way.

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I Can See Clearly Now

Emotion: Anger

Emotion: Anger (Photo credit: Cayusa)

Emotion: Fear
Emotion: Fear (Photo credit: Cayusa)

Having become acquainted with mind fullness and meditation, I am finally reaching the benefits of  focusing  on what is happening now (not on the future or on the past) and having more accurate perceptions.  I didn’t realize what I had missed out on until this happened.

I am making better decisions.  I wish that I hadn’t wasted so much of my life by going about with blinders on.  I am less likely to jump to conclusions and if I have, I often realize it and am able to hold off on making a mistake by acting prematurely before I have all the information.

Emotions can be wonderful.  When something wonderful has happened, your feelings of joy may overwhelm you and you may wonder if you ever will feel this good again.  You may feel like nothing can stop you and do things you never thought you could do.  It is what keeps us going and binds us to our friends and family.

Emotions can be a problem.  They can keep us from seeing straight.  While some of these emotions can protect us especially in situations where we have little time to react and need to go by our gut, they can impair our decision making ability and we aren’t able to analyze the situation and make a well thought decision.  Sometimes in prolonged emergencies, the best person to have around is one who can keep their head.

Even preconceived notions can be useful in an emergency when there is no time to think and a person must act immediately.  Other times premature emotional reactions and poor judgment or no judgment can be a problem.  If you can keep your head and not do anything that doesn’t need to be done immediately, you can stop and see, hear, or read what is going on and not react impetuously out of fear or anger or desire.

I find out that I am more perceptive, I can get a good idea of what is going on with another person, and I can be more supportive and less demanding when I do that.  For example, I asked someone to do me a favor two or three times and even handed him the stuff he needed, but he laid the stuff down and kept telling me what I needed to know to do something for him.  I realized, when he left without the stuff, that he had been distracted not only by the need to be sure I got his information but also by the things he had to do when he left.  I could have focused on what he didn’t do for me when I was doing him a favor (as I would have done in the past), but I didn’t because I think that he didn’t even notice that he hadn’t taken the stuff because he was so busy and needed to get some things done.

Also  I talked to a friend on the phone recently and she seemed different.  I didn’t feel that we had had  as free and easy a conversation as we usually did.  After I got off the phone, I remembered that a member of her family had recently moved back home and that she might be worried about whether this might not work out and also didn’t feel because of this that she could talk as freely as she usually did.  I decided I would check on her again and  to discretely see if this was the problem why she didn’t feel as comfortable on the phone as she usually did.  I also decided to do her  a favor that  I initially had put off as she might need it more now.

Believe me I am not always that wise and kind, but I am improving (I think) and the meditation and mind fullness are paying off, but it didn’t happen quickly so don’t give up.


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