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You Think Too Much

A friend told me, “You think too much.”  Well, I guess maybe I do.  It does kill the spontaneity of the moment.    Maybe it comes from hearing, “What did you do that for?” too much.  Also I am always wondering as I vacillate over making a choice,  if I will regret it later.”  I always have that trouble in restaurants when I am with somebody else. I think that I will wish that I had ordered what the other person did.  That’s why people are always waiting for me to order.

That used to fit the definition of a neurotic.  Someone who’s own behavior bothers them.  A neurotic feels psychological pain about what they are about to do or have done.  Guilt, worry, anxiety, shame are the often worthless emotions that make people miserable without doing anything about the problems they are feeling bad about.  These emotions can make a person stop and think instead of acting which can be good or bad.

As usual, there is a middle way. As impulsive, hedonistic, sometimes even psychopathic people act first, think later.  But you can get so tied up thinking about, “what if’s” that you don’t make a decision and that is a decision in and of itself.  Thus both extreme approaches backfire.

Without Regret

Without Regret (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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