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Cross Talk, Mind Chatter

mindchattercenterpointeCross talk and mind chatter represent the clutter of the mind.  Meditation developed my ability to clear my mind and turn off the conversations in my head.  My mind is usually not totally blank when I do this.  Especially when I am doing this while I am out and about.  I am aware and am able to remain alert for necessary stimuli.

I thought I had mastered the art of diminishing or even stopping the crosstalk and mind chatter in my head.  Then I realized that I was having a running commentary in my head as I was fixing myself some leftovers.  Every time I performed a necessary action like turn on the microwave, I told myself to do it.  I decided to experiment and go ahead and fix my bite to eat without having a conversation in my head with myself.  Miracle, of miracles, I could do it.

Where did that habit involving cross talk and mind chatter come from?  I usually don’t do that when I drive.  Yes, I am aware of what I am doing and what I am going to do.  Could it possibly be because there is less routine and more choices to be made when I am heating up something to eat?  Does driving involve more habits?

Also there is another factor involved in what I do in the kitchen.  I had to become more deliberate in my actions when I cooked and prepared something to eat.  Things I used to do around the house without thinking, I now had to think about because I developed physical limitations that I hadn’t had before.  I had to be careful how I did things and I had develop new ways of doing some things.  I think that this comes under the category of do-it-yourself occupational therapy.  To avoid an accident, hurting myself, or breaking or dropping something, I had to remind myself mentally to be more careful about doing some things.mindchattersleep

Now that I have formed new habits in this area,  it is about time for me to cut back on cross talk and mind chatter and “go it alone.”  Now maybe I can get in a meditative state of mind around the house.

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