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What We Value Tells Something About Us And What We Are Missing

No Hunting Campground Park Sign

No Hunting Campground Park Sign (Photo credits:

The more well-rounded we become, the better we are able to judge what actually goes on on earth.  I used to reject things that I didn’t likeEnglish literature, hunting, opera, blue grass, abstract art by some famous painters, etc.  Now I realize that people have different abilities and tastes.  Some people can see better than others and this would help them if (for example) they played major league baseball.  Everyone likes different styles of music.  Often people classify music that they don’t like as noise.  For example, what surprised me was that the hostess of a polka (if you don’t know what this is, look it up.) program could sing, dance, and play several instruments  and obviously the people dancing the polka were having fun.

There is sometimes a difference in the sense perceptions of people that makes one activity more enjoyable than another.  Also people come from different backgrounds and may  have learned to appreciate certain things that not all people appreciate without the same backgrounds.  We are easily influenced by the biases for or against something of people with whom we associate.  Why do we have to denigrate things that we don’t appreciate.  In our society, nobody is forcing you to love sports or various kinds of music, literature, and art.  Does this suggest a lack of self confidence on the part of the person making uninformed judgments about things.  Do some people only feel confident when their way is the only acceptable way?  It is difficult to be a loner in a group of people with whom you have nothing in common and who are excited about something you don’t share.  Picture attending a tailgate party at a football game at a college you never attended and missing the symphony orchestra play when you have excellent seats reserved for each performance.

Explore different areas of interest and keep an open mind.  I am among those who love hunting (not me) and it takes skill and many different abilities to succeed in shooting game.  This is often a male-female difference.  Men probably wonder why women make such a big fuss over a party like a wedding and women probably wonder why men spend so much time and money on team sports and hunting.  Around here it is coon hunting and the hunters, usually men, can be out all night when involved in this activity.  One takes organizational skills and artistic sensibilities and the other involves the knowing the typical behavior of the animals being hunted, knowing the terrain, having a good dog if you need one, and the ability to stay up all night.

Almost any enthusiastic participant in any activity has knowledge and abilities you probably have not thought about.  I know for a fact that I don’t hear high frequency sounds which other more sensitive people can hear and it usually annoys them; but not me.  I am not as sensitive to smell as others are and, therefore,  I avoided the whole problem many women have while being pregnant that of merely smelling food and wanting to throw up.




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